The Citation Revolution
WildMouse Solutions is happy to announce the arrival of iCite 4 - the revolutionary citation software that uses MLA standards. With the release of iCite, the MLA Handbook for Writers of Research Papers is now digital and much more accessible to students writing any kind of paper.

Totally New
iCite has come a long way since its initial release in 2001. It has been completely remade to offer greater accuracy and speed as well as a more intuitive interface and greater ease of use. In short, iCite is a ton cooler.

  MLA Standards
iCite follows the Modern Language Association of America's strict citation guidelines to ensure generated citations are completely accurate.
Stay organized with iCite's citation list. Alphabetize, copy/paste, delete, and edit your citations in one easy-to-use list.
  Printer Friendly
iCite uses WYSIWYG printing (what you see is what you get) to ensure your citations are printed correctly. A print preview screen shows exactly what will come out of your printer, complete with a "Works Cited" header and page numbers as required by the MLA.
    Before You Cite
Outlines allow you to see what information you need to cite a specific source. Take outlines to the library so you make sure to record all the pertinent source information.
The unique framework iCite is built on offers flexibility in updates. With the click of a button, you can download the most recent citation definitions and stay ahead of the curve.
    Track Recent
A handy list tracks the most recent citation types you have used, and allows for accessible re-use of them should you wish to cite a similar source.
iCite's adherence to MLA standards means it can cite just about any type of resource, whether it be a book, a website, a movie, or a comic strip.
Separate your preferences and dates from your siblings or friends with different user accounts. Users can specify custom page headers, page numbers, and manage their own Organizer (see above).

Students Unite
If you're a high school student or taking an English course in college, you have more than likely been faced with the dull, tedious, and often lethal task of writing a bibliography. The pain you have felt has been shared by millions - it's time to fight back.

Arm yourself with iCite 4 and overcome your citation angst. Take control of your bibliography by closing your 40 pound MLA handbook and and giving iCite a spin. Chances are, you won't be sorry.

Accuracy Matters
No matter what kind of source you need to cite, iCite 4 can make it happen. Just type in the pertinent information and let iCite handle the rest. iCite will put in all the periods, colons, and spaces for a perfect, printable citation. You don't have to worry if you've missed a comma - iCite's got your back.

iCite is great for all kinds of people: students, teachers, writers, and researchers. But hey, don't take our word for it - download and try iCite today. You'll find iCite is easy to use, easy to learn, and hard to remember how you ever lived without it.

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